Toh Hazireen Hua Yun

Toh Hazireen Hua Yun…Dastan-E-Ankit Chadha

Sakshi Prakashan (22 December 2018)

“Everyone has a story and we must tell this story. If we don’t share this story, there’s a part of us that we are going to lose.” This book tells Ankit Chadha’s story through his work, a collection of 16 Dastans written and performed by him over the last seven years. These Dastans are a product of Chadha’s extensive research, and range from biographical accounts of personalities like Gandhi, Kabir, Dara Shikoh and Khusrau to modern tales on sustainability, technology and hunger. Celebrate the life of this acclaimed Dastango and award-winning author, in his unique style.

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Amir Khusrau: The Man in Riddles 

Penguin Random House India;
Latest edition (28 October 2016)

37th FIP (Federation of Indian Publishers) Award for Excellence in Book Production, September 2017

A riddle is a mystery concealed in words, each a clue you must unravel. In this book, it is also a piece of verse, part of the puzzle that is the fascinating life of Amir Khusrau. Gloriously illustrated, crafted with care and sprinkled with delightful snippets of history, Amir Khusrau’s Book of Riddles is guaranteed to bewilder, inform and entertain children and adults alike. Work your way through the riddles on your own or challenge a friend, or just read on for the answer and a peek into the thoughts of one of this enigmatic poet, mystic and musician.

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amir khusrau
my gandhi

My Gandhi Story

Tulika Publishers (2008)

Children’s Choice Award by Young India Books, 2016
Darsana National Award For Excellence in Book Production, February 2014

Everyone has their own story of Gandhi and in this book, which came out of a set of four large paintings, an artist of the Warli tradition, an animation filmmaker and a storyteller come together in a unique collaboration to create a very visual Gandhi story. While the artist was inspired to paint Gandhi’s life simply because “he was like us”, the curating of the visuals was inspired by the delightful details in the paintings, picked and highlighted with care. There are the recurring motifs of buying a ticket and going on a journey by ship and by train, of physical work, the capturing of a moment rather than movement… Like the three creators behind the book, there are three voices that tell the story of Rajesh the narrator, the questioning child and Gandhiji or Bapu himself, all coming together to introduce young children to the great man called Mahatma Gandhi.

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